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Commitment. quality & comfort

We are a family company, with the compromise to provide the highest comfort and quality of service to our guests, reducing our environmental impact, being constant in the economic growth and acting ethically and responsible.



Green Iguazú

We aim to lead our hotel market being distinguish and recognized as a company that promotes sustainability actions, encouraging the social and economic development in our local community by contributing our effort and commitment towards making Puerto Iguazú a Green Iguazú.


Our guiding values are:

Honesty, understanding the value as saying the truth, accomplishing with the given word, being sincere and respectful, just and honored.

Commitment, understanding the value as feeling as our own the objectives of the company like to overcome with perseverance the difficulties.

Self-improvement attitude, understood as the initiative and active participation in the improvement of the process of work, on a steady and long-lasting process on time.

Social and environmental responsibility, understanding the value as the compromise with our sustainability politics and all our initiative carry out in benefit of the environment and human being.

Commitment to service, , understood as the predisposition to satisfy the necessity and expectation of the guest.


rainforest alliance

2015 Sustainable Tourism Certification
In 2015, after a lot of work, we earned the Sustainable Tourism Certification by Rainforest Alliance, and from then on, we have been re-certified year after year. We are still on the path of continuous improvement, working on our environmental, socio-cultural and business practices, with the aim of achieving a more responsible tourism.

Travel Life

2015 Sustainable Tourism Certification
After a lot of hard work and effort, we have earned the Sustainable Tourism Certification by Travel Life. Entering the Travel Life Collection allows us to convey our sustainability performance to different interest groups.

Hoteles más verdes

2017 Sustainable Management Certification
Hoteles más Verdes provides certifications to hotels which show sustainable management, awareness of the environment and social accountability towards the community and the touristic destination where their activity is carried out.

Tripadvisor Eco Leaders SILVER

In 2015, TripAdvisor Eco Leaders has awarded us with a Silver badge for our commitment to Eco practices.

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017

In 2017 we have been awarded with a Certificate of Excellence thanks to the great opinions we have constantly been receiving in TripAdvisor.


Address & contact information

Av. Córdoba 148, Puerto Iguazú (3370)
Misiones | Argentina
Phone: +54 3757 420633

International Airport Cataratas del Iguazú (Argentina): 25 Km.
Iguazu Falls (Argentina): 17 Km.
InternationalTancredo Neves Bridge (Argentina – Brasil): 3 Km.
Internacional Foz do Iguaçu Airport (Brasil): 10 Km.

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