Our sustainable management

In Hotel Saint George we pursue a policy of sustainability within the framework of sustainable tourism management.
Being aware of the impact of our operations on the surrounding environment, our development is underpinned by innovative and sustainable practices, which aim to influence the different parties in the tourism industry and the society we are part of, in order to create value for all our Stakeholders.

Responsabilidad Ambiental

Environmental Responsibility

We translate our responsibility towards the environment into several concrete actions:

  • We have a Sustainable Water and Energy Management Plan, promoting efficient use and incorporating Good Environmental Practices.
  • Waste Management Plan, based on which we perform the separation at source of all waste generated on site. Inorganic recyclable waste and used vegetable oil are delivered to the Puerto Iguazú cooperative of urban collectors of recyclable materials, who re-enter them into the industry.
  • Biodiversity Conservation Plan, in which we collaborate in projects related to the conservation of natural areas which protect what is left of the rainforest in Misiones Check out for Nature Program (Fundacion Vida Silvestre, WWF) and Proyecto Yaguarete, destined to protect the local jaguar, ¨yaguarete¨.

Your commitment counts!

Durante su estadía en nuestras instalaciones, lo invitamos a que:

  • Save water: by reusing towels more than once and rationing water use in the sink, shower and / or bathtub (using only the water you need to avoid leaving taps unnecessarily open).
  • Save energy: by turning off all appliances that you are not using and using the Air Conditioning 24º or more.
  • Please separate in a proper manner the waste you produce in your room and around the lodge by using the containers provided for such purpose.
Responsabilidad socio cultural

Social Responsibility

We assume a strong commitment towards the local community and actively participate in the sustainable development of Puerto Iguazú.
We count with several policies which translate our responsibility concerning our Employees, Providers and the community in general:

  • When hiring Staff, we give priority to Collaborators who reside in Puerto Iguazú, with the purpose of encouraging local employment. We also prioritize Local suppliers in order to reduce the carbon footprint produce by transport of goods.
  • We have a Policy of Respect for Local Culture and Diversity.
  • Our actions towards volunteering are directed to children and elderly.

In Hotel Saint George, we count with a Policy of Prevention of Conducts of Social Damage, in which we state our commitments as follows:

  • Prevent sexual and/or commercial exploitation of children and teens. In Hotel Saint George we aim to protect minors from possibly risky situations and promote a healthier and safer tourism for everyone.
    We ensure that no underage child stays at the hotel with an adult who cannot prove filiation or submit a signed authorization by the child’s parents with a photocopy of the parents’ ID. Furthermore, we ban children under the age of 16, from wandering about any hotel’s areas without the company of a tutor.
  • Forbid the use of illegal drugs.
  • Promote respect towards local traditions.
  • We stand against all forms of discrimination, harassment and gender violence.

Your commitment counts!

During your stay at our facilities, we invite you to:

  • Report any suspicious behavior related to commercial and/or sexual exploitation of children and teens at the Reception Desk. In this way, we can take all appropriate measures as stated in our Protocols.
  • Report at the Hotel’s Reception Desk if you witness any conduct of social damage.
Responsabilidad empresarial

Corporate Responsibility

In Hotel Saint George we take on a strong commitment to service quality. For that purpose, we developed a set of actions unfolding in joint plans and manuals to deliver an excellent service. Some of the action we make, are:

  • Our staff receives permanent training both on acquiring specific skills related to their professional activity and on generating habits and conducts tending towards the development of sustainable management.
  • We assess the applicability of such skills by means of a permanent and constant Performance Assessment process.
  • We have a Code of Ethics, a Health and Safety Plan and a Maintenance Plan that we strictly follow to infuse our service with the quality and excellence that our guests deserve.
  • We aim to share with our suppliers and colleagues all the sustainability practices applied in our establishment, aware as we are of the need to promote the sustainability principle throughout our value chain and the tourism industry in Puerto Iguazú.

Code of Ethics

Your commitment counts!

We invite you to collaborate with us in the improvement of our service quality, by completing the survey of service quality and submitting your observations and suggestions with absolute frankness and honesty after finishing your stay at Hotel Saint George.



Since our activity is immersed in a natural environment that has a wonderful natural phenomenon, the Iguazú Falls, as its main attraction, we believe it is important to accept our commitment to the ENVIRONMENT. In order to confront worldwide climatic change and also preserve the local habitat, we commit to:

  • Measuring and reducing the impact our operations have on the natural environment.
  • Preserving natural resources, promoting rational and efficient use.
  • Reducing our waste and making sure that its treatment and final disposal is the most appropriate for each type of waste in regards to the environment.
  • Promoting the conservation of the Atlantic Forest and its biodiversity.
nuestro pilar escencial

Since our activity is nourished by human factors, we accept our commitment to SOCIAL and CULTURAL development. In order to preserve cultural richness, reduce social vulnerability and encourage all the possibilities for the local community, we commit to:

  • Ensuring equal working conditions, guaranteeing the legality and ethics of our working practices.
  • Prioritizing the hiring of local staff from Iguazu, as well as of local providers.
  • Working towards a healthier and safer tourism, and keep on taking concrete measures to prevent sexual and/or commercial exploitation of children and teenagers.
  • Taking concrete measures to prevent behaviors that harm society, such as racism, discrimination, illegal drug use, among others.
  • Promoting the respect towards native culture and traditions.
  • Taking part of the local community of Iguazu, listening to their needs and giving solutions.

Since we are interested in becoming leaders when it comes to sustainable tourism, we accept our commitment regarding our BUSINESS PRACTICES. In order to guarantee the quality of our services and continue being the top choice for our clients, we commit to:

  • Guaranteeing to our guests/clients the quality of our services and products.
  • Having a human resources management that takes into account the motivation of our collaborators to improve their personal and working competence.
  • Giving priority to the hygiene and safety of our operation.
  • Taking concrete measures towards the preferential hiring of local providers of services and sustainable products.
  • Promoting the value of sustainability for all our interest groups.
sustentabilidad 3
Huella de carbono


your carbon footprint

In Hotel Saint George, we are aware that our functioning has an impact on the environment, which is why we are committed to measuring our greenhouse gas (GHG) emission in full, both directly and indirectly. Such calculation will allow us to quantify our impact on climate change, so as to undertake measures aimed at reducing and balancing out our carbon footprint. We invite you to take part in this initiative, by calculating the carbon footprint resulting from your trip.

Calculate your carbon footprint

At the Reception Desk, you will find alternatives to balance out your carbon footprint and, with us, Do Your Part for a greener planet!

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