Terms & Conditions


Booking Changes and Cancelation Policies


Booking Cancelations 

Flexible Rate: It can be cancelled or modified free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the arrival date. In case of cancellation or modification outside this term or No Show, 100% of the reservation will be charged.  

No Refundable Rate: This rate does not admit cancellation or modification. 



Flexible Rate: Payment will be made at check in. 

No Refundable Rate: The hotel may charge 100% of the reservation any time. 


Changes in Reservations

Flexible Rate: It can be cancelled or modified free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the arrival date. In case of cancellation or modification outside this term or No Show, 100% of the reservation will be charged.  

No Refundable Rate: This rate does not admit cancellation or modification. 


Returns and Refunds  

For returns and refunds, the transaction fee of the means of payment will apply: 3% of the amount returned for credit card payments and 2 % of the amount returned for bank transfers. 


Child Policy  

1 child up to 2 years old free of charge, sharing room with 2 adults and using existing furniture. 


Other Considerations: 

  • Check In: 14 Hs; At the time of check in you will be asked:

    • ID | Passport

    • Guarantee Credit Card (extra Expenses)

    • Eco Tax: Rates do not include the Iguazú Eco Tax, which will be charged by the front desk, according to municipal regulations.

    • We work for the Prevention of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, committed to developing a healthier and safer tourism. Therefore, if you come to the establishment with a minor, do not forget to bring the following documents: In the event that the minor is your child, affiliation must be proven by presenting ID / PASSPORT (it is valid as long as it contains the filiation data on it). In case of the ID / PASSPORT of the minor does not contain this information, the birth certificate must be presented. If the minor is not your daughter, you must present Parent or Guardian Authorization.

  • Early Check In: It is subject to availability, must be done in advance and has a cost equivalent to 1 night´s accommodation.

  • Check Out: 10 Hs.

  • Late Check Out: It is subject to availability, must be done in advance.  Charges apply:  
    • Until 6 P.M. 50% of the daily rate. 
    • After 6 P.M. a full stay will be charged. 
  • Early Check Out: One night will be charged. 
  • Hotel Saint George, is not responsible and will not deliver any refund for travel services lost due to flights or transportation services of third parties canceled or delayed and other circumstances beyond the control or responsibility of Hotel Saint George that may be considered events of ¨force majeure¨.  This includes, but is not limited to, cancellations and/or delays as a result of weather conditions, road conditions, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tsunamis, floods, and general strikes. 
  • Foreigners: 21% VAT (tax) will not be charged on accommodation to any tourist who proves their foreign nationality and pays for accommodation by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.


Warranty Policy

Argentine guests, 21% VAT is added to the rate.  All reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card number, expiration, security code at the time of booking.


Smoke-free policy 

According to National Law N° 26.687, all rooms and closed areas are declared smoke – free spaces. Smoking will only be allowed in open spaces such as the pool area.  In case you have smoked in the room, the deep cleaning service will be charged to your account. 


House Rules 

The information contained here must be observed and complied with in all areas of the Hotel Saint George premises, with no exception, in order to guarantee a harmonic coexistence among all visitors. The rules stated below also apply to any similar misconducts not listed here.

1.  For protecting your belongings, the Hotel has put an individual safe at your disposal in your room. Therefore, the Hotel will not assume responsibility for any valuables not stored in the safe. The liability amount is limited by the law.  

2.  If you come to our establishment with your son or daughter (-18 years old), please do not forget to bring the necessary IDs confirming filiation. Should you come with a minor who is not your son or daughter, in addition to bringing your and each child's ID, you will be asked to show an authorization signed by their parent/s or tutor/s and a photocopy of the corresponding ID. The authorization does need to be validated by a notary or public authority. Children under the age of 16 cannot remain anywhere in the Hotel without the constant company of a responsible adult.  

3. Hotel Saint George does not allow pets. Only guide dogs are permitted. Free of charged. 

4. Hotel Saint George is firmly against human trafficking, the use of illegal drugs and manifestations of disrespect towards native cultures. Therefore, such behaviors are not allowed in the Hotel.  

5. It is forbidden, without exceptions, to enter the Hotel premises with fire weapons or of any other type, or with any kind of explosives, without our express authorization or without declaring the possession of such items.  

6. Selling food and drinks is an exclusive privilege of Hotel Saint George. Therefore, bringing food and beverages from providers other than the Hotel's points of sale is not allowed. Furthermore, the Hotel will not take responsibility for any goods entered into the premises.  

7. Hotel Saint George reserves the right to refuse admission.  

8. Anyone entering the premises as a guest must register first at the Reception Desk. It is forbidden to enter the rooms with escorts who had not been properly registered in the Hotel Reception Desk.  

9. Any total or partial damage inflicted to the Hotel premises, facilities, property, services or supplies, and/or of any other addressee of these Rules due to ill-use or negligence by the guest or anyone connected to them will be charged to the guest's bill.  

10. Access to the swimming pool and recreation area is exclusive for registered guests at the Hotel.  

11. Hotel Saint George only keeps luggage in the storage office and is not responsible for items not withdrawn and/or claimed after 30 days, nor for any damage caused by fire, theft and other causes not attributable to the hotel. Furthermore, the owner must expressly state that the stored luggage does not contain money, jewelry, or flammable or explosive items. Should this be a false statement, the Hotel accepts no responsibility for it.  

12. Hotel Saint George has joined the 'Smoke Free' campaign, in line with the National Act Nº 26,687, by means of which all closed areas are smoke-free spaces. Therefore, smoking is only allowed in open spaces, such as the pool and the garden. If you smoke in the room, and additional fee will be charged to your room for in-depth cleaning.  

13. Within the Hotel premises, all guests as well as any person(s) for whom they are responsible must refrain from causing discomfort to other guests, visitors or third parties. This includes any commotion, vandalism, hostile behavior, disturbance, prominent misconduct, disorderly conduct, or any behavior which may alter the tranquility, silence, rest and privacy of the guests. The same applies to inappropriate behavior and producing any type of noticeably loud noises which may bother other guests or disrupt the Hotel's tranquility. Any rude or aggressive behavior towards other guests, companions, visitors, Hotel employees -irrespective of their hierarchy-, or even the guest's own companions must also be avoided.  

13. Any violent behavior, moral or psychological intimidation, harassment of any sort, justified or unjustified threats, and any act, utterance or expression in detriment of the honor, prestige or physical and psychological integrity of all addressees of this Rules and Hotel employees is absolutely forbidden, even subject to criminal liability. I expressly state my preference for receiving this information in a digital instead of physical medium. 

All rules stated above may not, in any way, be interpreted as discriminatory against any ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, race, age or political ideology of the addressees, but as the most suitable medium to guarantee all guests, visitors, clients, employees or third parties the excellence and quality of all Hotel services. The Hotel's right to add rules complementary to those stated here may not, under any circumstance, be interpreted as limiting or restrictive of the individual rights of anyone voluntarily entering the premises, fully aware of the nature of this establishment. Such right stems naturally from the Hotel's proprietary right and responsibility regarding its functioning and the rights of its guests or client