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We see ourselves as part of an interrelated whole: We dedicate our energy and creativity to finding new and better ways to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment and to make significant contributions to our natural and social environment. These are some of several actions that we carry out in the Business field.  


Socio Cultural Responsibility 



The HSG works on the Protection of children, which is why it has, since 2014, a Policy for the Prevention of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls, Boys and Adolescents. 

In case of attending with your minor child (-18 years old), at the time of Check In you will be asked to prove the affiliation: Passport / DNI as long as it contains affiliation data. Otherwise I presented a Birth Certificate. 

If the minor is not your child, you will be asked for an authorization signed by the parents and/or guardians authenticated by a competent authority. In the case of not having it, present the minor's birth certificate and an authorization signed by one of his parents and/or guardians (said authorization does not require authentication before a notary or public authority). 

In congruence with this policy, minors under 16 years of age cannot stay anywhere in the hotel, without the constant company of a responsible adult. 

In 2018, the HSG decided to extend its Policy for the Prevention of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls, Boys and Adolescents to the hotel industry sector of the city of Puerto Iguazú, presenting the Program of Good Practices for the Prevention of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls , Children and Adolescents. 

The program consists of inviting hotel companies to join in order to receive training on the problem, training and follow-up on how to incorporate this policy and its app. The training was given by volunteers from the HSG Front Desk area. 



Protecting the family 
Because we are a family business, we promote the care of the family and the protection of children. 

How do we do it? 
Our collaborators have the following benefits: 

• Extension of the Paternity Leave (Transcends the Law):  We believe in gender equality, that is why we extend the Paternity Leave by adding 5 days to those stipulated by Argentine law. 
• Sick Leave of child (Transcends the Law):  We provide 3 annual days of justified absence for those parents who need to take care of their sick children.  
• Leave for Loss of Pregnancy (Transcends the Law): We provide 3 days of justified absence per year for those women who have lost a pregnancy. 
• Breastfeeding friends space:  This space allows mothers to express milk or breastfeed their babies, guaranteeing their privacy. 


Corporate Responsibility 



•   Code of ethics 

• Green Shopping Program:  88% of the money from regular purchases remained in the Province of Misiones. 
• Good Practices Program in the value chain:  We are part of this program in which habitual suppliers are trained and evaluated on good environmental practices and the incorporation of environmentally friendly products. 
• Environmental awareness actions:  We carry out different actions throughout the year regarding environmental awareness in the various interest groups (clients, collaborators and the local community). 

We invite you to learn more about everything we do. 

•   First Sustainability Report 

•   Progress Report 2019 



Environmental Responsibility 



Water:  We have a Monitoring, Reduction and Control Plan for leaks. 
Energy:  We have a Monitoring, Reduction and Control Plan for leaks. 

• We have a Monitoring and Reduction Plan 
• We have a Strategic Purchasing Plan 
• We make alliances, so that as far as possible and the city provides the best final destination for each type of waste 


We offset 100% of our carbon dioxide emissions